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Our recommendations

Our recommendations

You will love the authenticity and the picturesque nature of the countryside, the waters that fluctuate between turquoise blue and emerald green, next to superb beaches with views on a string of charming islands, and meals of freshly caught fish to a background of magnificent sunsets.

Madagascar - our advices for your cruise

200 million years separated from the African continent, Madagascar cultivates their difference. For lovers of nature and sea in its purest and wildest state, Madagascar, and in particular the small island of Nosy Be, it's an ideal destination for sailing. 
We have at our rental base of Nosy Be two catamarans. You won't tire of this water, ranging from turquoise and emerald green, eating fresh fish freshly fished, some magnificent sunsets...

Attention, currency is changing. The old Malagasy franc (Fmg) is gradually replaced by the ariary (Ar). Know that a ariary, which means word "five" is worth five times less than the Fmg (i.e. 1Ar = 5Fmg).
The old banknotes of 25,000, 10,000, 5,000, 2,500, 1,000 and 500Fmg are replaced by new of 10,000, 5,000 and 2.000Ar. There is also a range of coins. Most were already minted by ariary seal and therefore remain.
10,000Ar = approximately 7.7 euros.
Some useful information
It is forbidden to leave the territory with more than 40.000Ar (308 euros).
The banking network is completely private and has the same banks in all major cities. They open from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays and festive eve), usually from 8h to 11h and 14h (or 15 h) to 16h or 16.30h, except Tananarive, which are open from 8 am to 15h.
The exchange rate varies according periods from 1,200 to 1.400Ar approximately 1 euro.
In addition to the cash, we can wear traveller's checks in euros.
The cards can also be very useful for withdraw cash, but commissions are rather high.
We find cash dispensers in major cities.


The country is pretty cheap for those with a tight budget. The budget increases relatively quickly if you want a certain level of comfort and benefit local tourism.


Very cheap: up 8.000Ar (about 6.2 euros)
Budget: from 8,000 to 16.000Ar (6.2 - 12.3 euros).
Average prices: from 16,000 to 34.000Ar (12.3 - 26.2 euros).
More chic: from 34,000 to 60.000Ar (26.2-46.2 euros).
Chic: over 60.000Ar (over 46.2 euros).

Menus without drink 

Very cheap: up 3.000Ar (2.3 euros). Budget: from 3,000 to 6.000Ar (2.3-4.6 euros). Average prices: from 6,000 to 1.000Ar (4.6 - 10.8 euros).
More chic: over 14.000Ar (over 10.8 euros).

Useful information

Passport / Visa

VISA IS MANDATORY. There are 2 types of tourist visas.
-Visa-one month on arrival: freed in the airport in Tananarive or province airports, connected to the island of Reunion. It will cost about 40 euros, payable in cash. Attention, this amount may change! Check before you leave, extendable in the same place but by payment and full of formalities. Not purchased in advance.
- Visa 3 months: prior to departure freed by the Madagascar embassy or consulate and valid for 90 days. By mail, provide 15 days' time.
Cost: 35 euros in cash for an entry and 40 euros in cash for 2 entries in the territory.
IN BOTH CASES: a passport valid at least 6 months after the round, 2 identity photos and a round trip ticket (or proof of the agency for a visa before departure).


Malaria treatment and vaccines against typhoid and hepatitis A and B recommended. Water not drinkable. Mosquitoes in the evening. Attention to stone fishes and shells poisonous.


220 v

Useful information

Capital : Antananarivo
Currency : ariary
Area :
Population : 22 446 000 Hab
Density : 36,25 Hab/sqm
Time zone : GMT + 3
Head of state : Hery Rajaonarimampianina