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French Polynesia

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Our recommendations

Our recommendations

You will enjoy the sights and sounds of

  • the small islands surrounded by untouched, white, sandy beaches, dotted with Pandanus palm and coconut trees,
  • the inviting, warm climate and lush greenery, filled with exotic colours and perfumes,
  • the tropical marine animal and plant life, a perfect diving spot for those wishing to explore the deeps,
  • the beautiful flower necklaces produced by the local people.

French Polynesia - our advices for your cruise

French Polynesia consists in five archipelagos disseminated in a giant maritime space. That' a reason to admire every facet of this bright beauty land, from mountainous islands of Societé, transparent lagoons surrounded by islets with white sands in Tuamotu and Marquises, to the unknown archipelagos in the Australes and the Gambier.
There's nothing more magic than visit all these islands, islets and atolls on a boat, sailing its furiously blue waters, and throw from a sailboat to discover the aquatic wildlife.
Our rental sailboats bases in Raiatea and Rangiroa offers you a wide selection of boats and catamarans that will let you discover these magnificent places.

Currency is Pacific franc (CFP)
1 Euro=120CFP
Banks takes a global commission (around 3,50 Euros) in change transactions. There are a lot of cash dispensers at Papeete, but not in other islands.
Every touristic island has one or more bank offices.
Attention, you can't withdraw more than 300 Euros a week.
In small hotel you can't pay with card.
Tip is not so usual.
Prices are fixed, except for black pearls, with you can haggle

Useful information


Just a passport valid at least six months after leaves the territory, if the stay is no longer than three months.


No vaccine mandatory to entry French Polynesia, except for people coming from Chile or Pascua island, who must to be vaccinated against yellow fever.
However, we suggest you the vaccine against hepatitis A and B, typhoid end tetanus.
Don't expects the last time to do it, cause' some vaccines need more than an injection!
Attention to cuts with coral, painful and difficult to heal, to black flies (nono) in the Marquises, and to jellyfishes.
In the lagoon, be careful with stone-fishes, bay fishes and sea urchins.
We also catalogue in many places of Pacific, the ciguatera, a kind of alimentary poisoning caused by the ingestion of reef fish infected.
However, sanitary situation in Polynesia is so satisfactory.

Useful information

Capital : Papeete
Currency : franc pacifique
Area :
Population : 268 270 Hab
Density : 64 Hab/sqm
Time zone : GMT - 10
Head of state : François Hollande