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Our recommendations

Our recommendations

You will appreciate

  • its little shaded areas where you can savor a tasty meal,
  • the layout of its ports often close to a pleasant bathing resort,
  • the regional diversity according to your navigational preferences

France - our advices for your cruise

Mosaic of strong personality regions and great contrasts, from Provence in Bretagne, from Bordelais to Alsace, France is the eternal unknown: surprises and adventures are in the wayside. It’s a dream to relax on the terrace of a cafe in a square shaded by Provençal linden, or lost in the joy of Parisian boulevards. Walking on a beach lined with pine trees or along the Breton cliffs, climbing alpine summits, cycling through the vineyards of Burgundy or the mansions of Perigord. Beyond its traditional image brand, made culinary art and haute couture, France multiplies their faces in a patchwork of regions. None resembles the other. The stone buildings never have the same color: gray in Bretagne, white Anjeo, ocher in Lorenesa. As the light that bathes the landscape in Ile-de-France, which inspired the Impressionists, or the Breton coast, so dear to Van Gogh.

The currency is the euro. 
The VAT (value-added tax) is 19.6% on most products, from 5.5% on food, medicines and books, and 33% on watches, cameras and the videotapes. Prices usually include TVA and TVA are listed included (VAT included). The bill of hotels and restaurants include mandatory between 10 and 15% of service. The tip therefore is not required, but usually leaves a few coins in a restaurant, unless you haven’t enjoyed the service. Whatever the amount of the race in a taxi, tips usually revolves around 1 euro. Bargaining usually practiced only in flea markets

Useful information


European Union natives don’t need a visa to enter France. An identity card is enough. 

Canadians can stay for 90 days with a valid passport.
You run little risk apart the sun burns, blisters, insect bites and the stomach cramps consecutive to a meal too copious and well watered.
Weight and Measures
220 V, 50 Hz

Useful information

Capital : Paris
Currency : euro
Area :
Population : 60100000 Hab
Density : 109 Hab/sqm
Time zone : GMT + 1
Head of state : François Hollande