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Propelled entirely or partially by the wind, sailing boats have a unique place in the heart of every sailor. They represent the quintessence of sea cruising, evoking the purest tradition of sailing.

Today, these craft include several models of sailing boat, differentiated by their use, size, hull, keel, and sail plan, etc. They have also become indispensable to the world of leisure.

Sailing boats specially designed for tourist cruisers are veritable floating suites, offering dream comfort to holidaymakers. There is nothing better than boats for discovering a country's coastline, its beautiful islands and the heavenly moorings that promise unforgettable moments of idleness.

Thanks to the various sailing boat hire offers, you can enjoy the incomparable thrills sailing brings. Whatever your budget and sailing experience, you can sail on board a comfortable, safe and reliable boat.

Depending on your requirements, you can opt for a lively monohull or a majestic multi-hull, knowing that these two types of cruiser will enable you to be in complete communion with the sea, wind and all the magical sites that will yield you their secrets.

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