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Centre console boat rental

Open hull boats have always been loved by fishermen. They have lots of advantages for sailors who want to go sea fishing in peace.

Open hull boats generally do not have a cabin, and the bare deck gives fishermen plenty of room to move about. There are other improvements that can be made to give fishermen the best possible experience. The rigid hull and raised sides optimise the space in the boat and the motor allows it to achieve an impressive speed. As it contains a lot of foam the open hull boat is less likely to sink and is perfect for coastal areas. So both holiday fishermen and speed lovers can opt to rent an open hull boat for a great day out on the sea.

But a rigid hull boat is not just for fishermen. It has enough space to take 5 people so is good for families that would like to try a short trip on the sea. A rigid hull boat is a great way to take a short trip on the sea, or for going water skiing.

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