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Luxury yacht rental

While at its root the word “yacht” referred to a small sailing boat used for hunting pirates, today it designates vessels for pleasure-boating which are at home in a marina. Synonymous with indulgence and world cruises, above all the yacht remains a boat highly appreciated for its elegance and its marine performance.

Whether they be with sails or motorised, single- or multi-hulled, yachts are classed under several categories and sub-categories. A single-hulled sailing boat, for example, can be classified as a sloop, ketch or schooner, while multi-hulled models can be catamarans or trimarans. As for motorised yachts, they generally differ in terms of the profile of their hull, but also in whether they use jet propulsion or a propeller engine.

The array of choice when it comes to pleasure boats therefore offers sea lovers the opportunity to sail the cruiser(s) of their dreams.

Yacht hire remains the ideal solution for making the most of a different craft on each sea journey. Adapted to meet the needs of all pleasure-boaters, for novices as much as for experienced sailors, yacht hire can moreover be accompanied by complementary services such as a skipper or a hostess.

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