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Gulet, dinghies and Schooner rental

Initially, the schooner was a wooden boat specifically from the Near East. Light, narrow and with a shallow draught, this craft with oars or sails was generally used for fishing, but also had a role as link boat, according to the shipowners. In our day, their modern versions are larger and are fitted with an engine.

When they are fitted with sails, you can still distinguish two families of schooner: the "goélette", the use of which is limited to coastal navigation and deep-sea fishing, and the "ketch" that allows more flexible navigation.

Favoured by its tradition, this type of boat brings a touch of magic to the world of leisure. Fitted out so that they are able to offer every comfort that is a part of coastal cruising, these boats are particularly popular because of their magnificent wooden structures and their ancient charisma.

To choose to hire a schooner for a marine excursion is adding an historic dimension to your leisure experience. Sailing on this rustic but very convivial boat will also be enjoyable as a family. Even if it also remains a seductive option for couples seeking a romantic interlude on the water.

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