yacht charter with filovent, it's the discovery of a region in all serenity!

sailing yacht charter New Caledonia

sailing yacht charter New Caledonia

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currency is pacific franc (CFP)
1 Euro=119,3317CFP

All banks take a 5 Euros commission to change cash or traveller's checks. American Express office, at Nouméa, is the only that don't takes commission

There are cash dispensers especially at Nouméa and you can use MasterCard, visa and Eurocard.
Duty-free shops, tour operators, hotels and restaurants, accept main cards in the capital. In other places you can use it just in big hotels.

Tip is not usual, according Melanesian costumes, a tip is a gift and the person that receives it must pay with the same coin.
But you can leave some tip at European restaurants.

Prices are really fair at popular markets, so you don't need to haggle.

Capital: Paris
Money: euro
Superficie: 551 600 km²
Population: 60 100 000 Hab
Density: 109 Hab/km²
Time shift : GMT + 1
Head of State: Nicolas Sarkozy


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